Meet our Pink in the City Ambassadors!
In the spring of 2017, we wanted to celebrate the strength and courage of breast cancer survivors so we invited 8 women to be primped and pampered, and to walk down the carpet of our first Pink Carpet event. We were so inspired by the tenacity of these women that we asked them to become our Pink Ambassadors so they can be beacons to all women facing the difficult challenges of this disease.
As ambassadors, they provide important input and insights as to how we can best help and support breast cancer patients. They also appear at various Pink in the City events and serve as shining examples of why we fight for this cause.
We are very proud to have them on our team! Each month, we will share with you the story of one of these incredible women. Make sure to check in regularly to learn about their personal journeys.
A special thank you to GaelleFantomette for the professional photographs and our other sponsors for this event!

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