We are really excited to launch our 2020  “Raise Craze” Campaign. This year we have had to make modifications to take into consideration the safety of our participants and our community due to Covid. We are extending this campaign for the entire month of October and invite participants to join our fight. We will be coordinating  individually with our participants on details for their cut and shave. The plan is to share all cuts and shaves online – we will work with the demand of our community and continue to share stories to raise awareness.

Raise Craze is an annual campaign dedicated for inspirational shaves and cuts. This campaign allows participants of any age to fundraise. It’s a fun competition to see how much you can raise ✂️ a minimal pledge of 1000$  is good to aim for.  Past participants have surpassed that target and have even raised over 6000$ (the latest participant raised 9,000$).  A great way to fundraise online to support the services offered to patients post surgery.  Please note if you are thinking to donate your hair for a wig, hair must be at least 10 inches long when tied in a ponytail.  Are you ready for the challenge? You can pledge individually,  or can get your school and workplace involved. Each participant will need to raise a minimal of 1000$. So who’s up for the challenge?

Thinking of donating or shaving your hair for someone special ?  Then Raise Craze is for you!