Dr. Meterissian shaves for the Sixth Annual Raise Craze

“There’s no greater bond between a surgeon and patient, whether its breast cancer or any other kind of cancer. I love that bond that I share with my patients.”

Dr. Sarkis Meterissian.

October is breast cancer awareness month and each year, Pink in the City pledges to raise awareness and funds toward breast cancer. For the past six years, Pink in the City has been hosting a “Raise Craze” campaign and with the support of many participants who have raised thousands of dollars. This year, Dr. Meterissian,  the director of the breast cancer clinic at the MUHC, will be shaving his head in order to raise funds and to ensure the Wellness Program at the MUHC continues to help thousands of women through their breast cancer journey. Dr. Meterissian is raising money to ensure that the program not only survives, but thrives and continues to help women in their healing after breast cancer surgery. And he is doing it in style. His new goal is to raise $200,000! On October 20, 2021 he will shave his head (after dying it pink the day before). Thank you to all who have been supporting our Raise Craze Campaign. A huge thank you to Avon Foundation for Women Canada  for their generosity and community responsibility and taking such an active part of supporting our fundraising efforts.

From October 1st to October 31st, 2021 Avon Foundation for Women Canada is matching all gifts up to $100,000.

Profoundly touched by his patients strength and resilience in the face of adversity, Dr. Meterissian is shaving his head to raise much needed funds.  “In honour of them…that’s what I’m going to do in October – shave my head – and hopefully raise money for all the services we provide for the patients.” The MUHC’s Breast Clinic Wellness Program offers a range of services specially designed to support women. Through the program, patients have access to:

A five-session series to introduce patients to their physicians, the Breast Cancer Clinic and the many resources available to them.

A psychologist to help patients cope with their diagnosis

Nutritionists to provide diet advice and personalized meal plans

Exercise physiologists to help patients stay fit and active during treatment

A sex therapist to address issues with intimacy and body image

The Breast Clinic’s Wellness Program is not supported by the government and is completely donor funded. To ensure the Wellness Program continues to help thousands of women through their breast cancer journeys Dr. Meterissian is joining the many others who have shaved their heads in previous years in order to raise funds to support the program.

“Every dollar is going to go to patient care.”

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