Model the Way

When Pink in the City began with a young Lawrence Vourtzoumis shaving his head the goal was twofold;
– to raise funds to donate to breast cancer
– to demonstrate that even one little boy could make a difference.

It was hoped that other students would be empowered to find a way that they could make a difference too.

In that spirit Model the Way was developed. Model the Way is a program that exists in two Laval high schools at present. Students create and realizein- school initiatives to raise funds that are then donated to Pink in the City. The students in the program also volunteer at various events held by Pink in the City. Hospital visits are planned for the students to allow them to see firsthand how the funds that they have raised are used to support breast cancer patients.

It is hoped that these experiences will empower and encourage the students to continue to give back to the community in the years to come. They are an important part of the legacy of Pink in the City.

Model the Way Keynote 2015

For more information or to start a Model the Way Program in your school please contact;

At Raise Craze 2018

Raise Craze is an annual awareness and fundraising event held by Pink in the City. This event is held at the MUHC, where students are bussed to participate in activities that promote breast cancer awareness and that demonstrate the types of medical interventions and equipment used to support patients in their fight against breast cancer.They are also there to encourage and support their fellow students and other participants who are courageous enough to cut or shave their hair for this important cause.

Added to the Raise Craze event this year, a special event was held at Souvenir Elementary School in Laval. Four girls in grade 2 cut and donated their hair at an assembly that was attended by the entire student body as well as the media and founding members of Pink in the City.

Some interesting facts about this year’s events;

  • – Over 700 students from 4 Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board schools participated in Raise Craze or school assemblies for this cause. They are Laval Senior Academy, Laval Junior Academy,Souvenir Elementary School and Jules Verne Elementary School.
  • – From a dynamic 21rst century classroom environment, 17 Advanced Leadership students from 2 schools planned, prepared, practiced and executed major parts of this complex event in collaboration with various stakeholders.
  • – Three students from 3 different schools shaved their heads at Raise Craze.
  • – Dozens of Jules Verne students made donations to have their hair braided or have extensions put in at the Raise Craze event.
  • – One student has already signed up to be a Pink Champion (shave his head) next year.

Founding members, who are alumni of the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board shared their passion, journeys and struggles to help pass along an inspirational legacy to the participating students. The students gained the confidence to apply the skills learned in the classroom, were exposed to various aspects of the medical field and experienced the power of compassion.

Thank you to all who participated and for your generous support.
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