The Oxford dictionary defines survivorism as a policy of trying to ensure survival especially in the face of a catastrophic event.

For breast cancer survivors this translates into re-establishing a balanced and healthy lifestyle in order to support wellbeing during and following the treatments required to overcome breast cancer. To be truly successful all aspects of the patient’s wellbeing must be addressed; the physical, psychological and social.

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight level is one of the key factors for supporting remission. Access to a nutritionist is essential. Yoga and exercise bring strength and calm to the patients. They support the lifestyle that helps patients and survivors reclaim a sense of control over the physical and mental aspects of their lives. Easy access to these services helps assure that as many patients and survivors as possible will benefit from these important supports.

Finally, there is no doubt that treatment for breast cancer can have an important impact on a woman’s sense of self and her relationships. Counselling and therapy are important tools for accompanying patients and survivors with this significant part of their journey to wellbeing.


At present the services described are scarce and difficult for patients and survivors to access. Waiting lists are long. During 2018 the objective for Pink in the City is to raise the funds necessary to directly provide these services for breast cancer patients and survivors through the WELLNESS CENTER. Our aim is to truly make a difference!